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Hausladen was telling the group about how more than 10,000 new residents have moved into downtown and Wooster Square since 2009, so that now 14 percent of city commuters walk to their jobs and many bike as well. There go two now! a summiteer called out as two cyclists zoomed by on Court Street onto State. Hausladen followed with a story about how all those new Wooster Square walkers were complaining on SeeClickFix about the lack of lighting on the Court Street bridge connecting the new apartments in the former Strouse Adler corset factory to downtown. Between 30 and 40 muggings occurred after dark in a matter of weeks. The city worked with neighbors and installed new LED lights powered by solar panels. Neighbors thanked city officials with a cookout. At the corner of olive and Court, Hausladen told the crowd the sad story of how a driver fatally ran over an 81-year-old Dolores Dogolo in 2014. He spoke of how neighbors filled SeeClickFix with specific suggestions for traffic calming (a subject that brought nods from many of the visitors, who find the topic trending on their own cities SeeClickFix pages). He spoke of how the neighbors and city officials were able to have civil community meetings , free of shouting, to craft solutions like the new push-button flashing sign pictured at the top of this story. There! Now! a summiteer called out as the driver of a black car sped by anyway.

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